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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inter Class Spelling Bee Competition

Announcement for Lower Secondary Teachers.

1)  Teacher  need to conduct the spelling during the third week of January, February and March.  Teacher need         to select only 15 words from the list.  15 words from the first 100 words for the first spelling assessment, 15      words from the second 100 words for the second assessment and 15 words from the third 100 words for      the third assessment.  The best 3 students from each class are identified.
2)  The best three students from each class in the form will be grouped together and students need to spell       twenty words at this level (words taken from the list of 300 words given).  The time and venue of this       competition will be decided by the English Panel (in April)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hands on activity for the first poem- In The Midst Of Hardship - Form 4

Students get into groups and discuss.  They need to arrange the meanings given for each of the line in the poem.
The meanings are arranged in jumble up order.

                                 Each group will have one presenter to read out on what they have discussed.

This activity helps students to understand the poem easier as the meaning given is in simple language and it also helps students to understand word by word in each line.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say It Right!

Check this out! 'Say It Right' column. Just English Magazine has created this column to assist you in your pronunciation. You will be able to hear the correct pronunciation for various words on this website. Soon, you will be able to pronounce these words and speak confidently.

My one, My two, My three

What is wrong with this sentence? “This computer is my one.”

The right sentence should be: This computer is mine.
“My one”  seems to be a translation from local languages. They have two words to show possession and maybe that is why they feel uncomfortable to say one word (mine) and they use two words g.
Bahasa Malaysia – saya punya (my possession)
Chinese – gua ei/ngor ke   – my one

Spell Right Game

Test your knowledge here!

NIE handled by Afternoon Teachers

Friday, January 14, 2011

He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo

He had such quiet eyes
She did not realise
They were two pools of lies
Layered with thinnest ice
To her, those wuiet eyes
Were breathing desolate sighs
Imploring her to be nice
And to render him paradise
If only she’d been wise
And had listened to the advice
Never to compromise
With pleasure-seeking guys
She’d be free from ‘the hows and whys’
Now here’s a bit of advice
Be sure that nice really nice
Then you’ll never be losing at dice
Though you lose your heart once or twice
In this poem, the poet talks about the betrayal of a young girl’s feelings for a man. She believes in his sincerity to her as he had pleaded to her to surrender to him. She is taken in by his quiet eyes. If she had listened to advice about men who seek  pleasure, she would not be in this situation. The poet advises all young girls to be careful and not be betrayed by men.
  • Betrayal of love
  • Personal experiences
  • Relationships that are meaningful
  • Don’t be naive and believe everything we are told especially in matters of the heart.
  • We must be careful when choosing friends.
  • Falling in love is normal but one should be careful.
  • We must learn from the experience of other people.
  • Refelective
  • Sad and happy
  • Sympathetic
  • Second and third person points of view
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Simple style with rhyming scheme
  • Imagery – e.g. ‘pools of lies’, ‘layered in thinnest ice’
  • Symbol – e.g ‘quiet eyes’, ‘dice’
  • Alliteration – e.g ‘lies layered’
  • Personafication – e.g The eyes were ‘breathing the desolate sighs’ as though he was talking charmingly to her.
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